Updated  on 4th Feb 2019 : 

Wapda Town Society elections are expected in March/April 2019, after which some positive development is expected on Wapda Town Phase-III issue.Even things go straight into the favor of investor , still one years is minimum expected time for any sign of balloting. Shakh-e-Madina area is expecting some development in near future but currently nothing concrete is observed on ground.

Wapda Town,once pride of Multan housing societies is under hot water since the launch of Wapda Town  Phase 3 Multan. Grave issues such as NAB intervention surfaced as investors were anticipating for heavy returns.In past Multan real estate investors experienced handsome returns in Wapda Town Phase-I and II.Society once enjoyed status of being“first choice for renting /buying houses/plot in Multan”,now facing humiliation in the face of new societies such as DHA Multan,Royal Orchard,Crystal Homes etc.Many believes that Wapda Town Phase 3 Multan dreadful situation is caused by new entrants in Multan real estate market and it was important to interrupt Wapda Town decent reputation before entering into one of the largest cities of Punjab province.Such allegations rose to maximum especially in case of DHA Multan which was launched about that time.

In 2017,it was announced that disputed matters are resolved and balloting to be expected around end of 2017 , society chairman advised file holders to keep their installments updated so their files can be included in upcoming balloting . Such balloting never happened so far.

Current status :

While investor still waiting for confirm balloting date,current talk of the town is that NESPAK has attained contract for society development which is shortly to be commence.Such news/rumors can only relieve investors for time being and strengthen their trust in Wapda Town management team.Currently market is not ready to fall into a new snare especially in case of Phase 3 as society is facing roller coaster rid since its commencement.Currently sale / purchase is open and market expecting a clarity around end of this year.

Zimaydar point of view :

Despite of all past drawbacks,real estate market still believes that Wapda Town Phase 3 Multan will bounce back to top once again and investors are advised to hold their files (if no urgent need of cash as selling rates are down).Many estate advisers looks at it as “ buying time opportunity “ for Phase 3.

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