Multan development authority (MDA) responsible for regulation of residential and commercial property in Multan finally woke up from their illicit dream to release a list of housing scheme with approve and illegal segregation for 2018. List contains 215 illegal societies in Multan area and to every one surprise WAPDA TOWN PHASE 3 DECLARED ILLEGAL . People who invested their blood & sweat money in such societies will be on roads very soon, getting a beat up from riot control police. Where were MDA when Wapda Town Phase 3  management selling plot files? How come MDA waited so long ? . Oh yes may be some big guns involved in Wapda Town Phase-3 scams closed MDA higher ups wide open mouth  with box full of money .Government has bestowed responsibility of MDA to safe guard people interest from such corrupt clan in which they blatantly failed.They woke up almost after 5-6 years with a lousy list.  Why ordinary people suffer wrong doings of government officials?  Only 23 societies are on the list of approved societies which shows the extent of negligence of people sitting in MDA offices

List of Approved Housing Scheme Multan 2018 :

List of Approved Housing Socities

List of Illegal Housing Scheme Multan 2018:

List of Illegal Housing Societies

       Wapda Town-Phase 3 Name In List

List of Provisionally Approved Housing Scheme Multan 2018:

List of Provisionally Approved Societies