Bahria Town Supreme Court case is one of most followed case in recent times, both by media and real estate stake holders.It started trivial but had its twist and turn along the way.Case eventually resolved after rounds of negotiations and tough remarks from honorable SC judges. BT will pay 470 Billion Pak Rupees over the 7 years’ period against illegal acquirement of its project in Karachi, Rawalpindi & Murree.

Pakistan people never witnesses such negotiations action in apex SC court corridor, which is a separate issue but eventually verdict brought a sigh of relief for developers, individual investors and over all of real estate investors.

“If Bahria Town collapse, whole property market feels aftershocks”, a property dealer based in Karachi summed up over all situation. Such situation observed during case duration, whole property market observed a standstill and downward trend. Case settled now but left number of lessons behind for everyone which can be learnt for future property investment.

Lesson No 1:Choose firm developer over other investment factors.

470 Billion Pak Rupees is huge sum of money (even considering 7 years’ payment periods) and only Property tycoon like Malik Riaz can go this arm length to safe his own back and investors. It can be said with confidence that such enormous amount might not be possible for any other develops in Pakistan. It brings us our first lesson, Invest in renown and solid projects by solid developers only.

Lesson No 2: Be brave to invest when Market is down

True for Warren Buffet and many wealthy stake brokers. As soon as issue hit the news, Bahria Town prices slashed to the ground which was best time to invest in Bahria Project, though expected situation happened, people panicked and tried to sell their holdings. We know Malik Riaz past history, most of us knew that he will pull through so this could not be so risky situation as it seemed for a while. Bahria Town property could give bring high return if bought during hot waters. Be brave to invest in project by trusted and strong developers when market is down.

Lesson No 3:Don’t panic

Many investors panicked, lost money while selling their holdings during down market. Harsh remarks from Apex court judge played a vital role in creation of fright environment. Trust your intuitive feelings sometimes and act brave, it may pay you back. Sometimes being safe is only option which your logical mind can intercept but this is not end of the story.

“If don’t you don’t risk anything then you risk everything”