Being an overseas Pakistani, many people spend years outside the country and work day and night to earn them reasonable living. Many of them continue struggling through their work life to strike a balance between their spending and savings.Finally, when they manage to secure some saving, the next big task is to find the right place to invest. Scared of losing their money in Business and Share market, mostly people like to invest in Pakistan property market considering reasonable profits and less risk.

However, this opens a new challenge altogether, i.e.  To find the property at the right location at right price. This may sound difficult, but unfortunately this has been made much tougher by some of the so-called property dealers. While lots of them are honestly earning their fee (1% or 2%) from the sale agreement, some of them are not satisfied with pennies. These people make life difficult for sellers and buyers and run a group of investors. Such elements create well controlled distance between sellers and buyers that is occupied by investors , quite common phenomena in Pakistan property market

So whenever anyone want to sell his/her property, they have below options:

  • Find a buyer in the market! which is rarely possible.
  • Publish the property in the newspaper! Useful, but gets buried in the junk of newspaper after 24 hours.
  • Property Website!, very useful, but control of investors has been escalated to the property websites.

Even by using all three options, real sellers find it very difficult to find the real buyer. Most of the time they end up selling their property at lower market price to investors. These investors with reasonable holding power use their group of property dealer to find the real buyer and sell the same property at higher market price. The gap between this lower and higher market price sometime reach millions of PKR.

So at the end of story, the sellers and buyers don’t get what they deserve i.e. the right price for their property. This seems like an unbeatable duo of dealers and investors until we find a place where ‘Original Sellers meet Original Buyers’.