London : Finally a bad news for foreigners from UK Govt for buying properties in Britain

UK Govt is all set to introduce a new tax for buying property in Britain. Current ruling Conservative Party planning to implement one to three percent Tax in addition to stamp duty for all foreign buyers on their purchase of property  in UK.Currently foreigner can buy property on equal ground as UK nationals and in Govt idea it is inflating house prices in UK. Government also planning to to increase stamp duty for people not paying Tax in UK  ( which is quite high already)

Main reason being is UK departure from the world’s biggest trading block , is already putting its weight on property values in London , where houses prices are facing a decline in prices .Speaking on the BBC’s “The Andrew Marr Show” on Sunday, the prime minister said her party is “very concerned about the impact that foreign buyers have on the housing market and the impact they have on people who are living here and trying to get into the housing market. The evidence is that foreign buyers coming in pushes house prices up and lowers home ownership here.”

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