Bahria Town Karachi, an alpha project of Malik Riaz in Karachi suburb which was launched in 2015, worth approx 6.5 Billion rupees. In less than 4 years, approx. 200,000 people bought flats, houses, residential and commercial plots. Area is been hub of major investments in recent years especially from overseas Pakistani.

Malik Riaz and his management kept their past construction style alive and in no time BT Karachi turned in to a small city of 1800 Km roadS, World’S Third largest mosque, 10 million trees and Asia largest Golf course and cricket stadium. Thousands of families shifted to Bahria Town and started enjoying a peaceful life style which was a dream few years back in city like Karachi.

Dream shattered on day when it revealed that Bahria Town Karachi is constructed on Government land .Land exchange bill of Malik Development Authority approved in 1982 and multiple societies such as DHA along 13 other housing schemes took benefit of land exchange program. In case of Bahria Town, which also took advantage of land exchange with MDA, is being accused of illegal construction while other societies still enjoying legal status. According to Malik Riaz, all the legal requirements were fulfilled at the time of exchange / purchase of land and if his society is illegal then all the other societies are illegal too. Why Government is after Bahria Town Karachi only? .Bahria Town Karachi submitted 35 Million Rs for water connection and paid billions rupees on account of tax .Malik Riaz offered Government to resolve by Bahria Town paying land amount and surcharge .He also requested that Government should give Bahria Town a chance of regularization like granted to PM for his house in Bani Galla .

Currently 45 thousand employees are on the verge of losing their jobs, Bahria Town is covered with darkness in absence of electricity .Issue will bring grave consequences for overall construction related department and people who invested their money. Currently Bahria Town Karachi employees, investors, families living there are on the road, protesting against the decision, requesting PM to take notice and solve issue by keeping every ones stake in view.

We at Zimaydar stand with Bahria Town management and their affectees and request Government to give Bahria Town Karachi management a chance to resolve issue amicably.

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