CPEC, China Pakistan Economic Corridor, is a megaproject with a primary aim of refining Pakistan’s infrastructure in order to improve business ties with China. It is considered to be China’s biggest foreign investment and the $62 billion project includes Gwadar deep sea port, improved transportation networks, different economic zones and various energy projects. The Gwadar sea port is also one of the largest sea ports in the world. Gwadar property market surely one of main investment area which is  going be benefited from CPEC.

This one-belt and one-road project is expected to result in a great future for the real estate sector in Pakistan. CPEC not only promises a profit-making future, but a strong growth as well, which has resulted in Gwadar turning into a business hub. Due to the prominence of the real estate business in Gwadar, both the local and international investors are willing to invest in the properties in the area. An investment in Gwadar is likely to bring higher returns in the future. Presently, there are a number of housing projects under development in Gwadar, and upon completion, they are anticipated to bring huge profits.

CPEC will result in increase in the number of Chinese Immigrants in Pakistan which will increase the amount of business activity and real estate development, leading to a surge in the economic growth. With more people migrating to Pakistan, they will establish and engage in the businesses here, resulting in higher aggregate economic growth. Real estate sector would be presented with more opportunities to build accommodation facilities and housing schemes to provide accommodation for them, which will positively impact the real estate market in Pakistan.

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