On 24th September, 2018 , peaceful protester are brutally treating by DHA office guards. Who are these people protesting in front of DHA office?. Why they are gathering in front of DHA office off and on? Questions marks all over their faces, asking for justice. Where the hell is DHA city on the face of our earth?Where is their money gone? Who has bought expensive cars and big houses with their money and left them humiliated on roads? Where is so called NAB and all accountability departments?

It has been more than 8 years now, these DHA launched by Rtd, army officers who has looted the life time saving of innocent civilians and they themselves either on the run or  living a highly standard life with their families somewhere nice . Let us take you bit back in time for a brief history of DHA city, Lahore. For answering these question we need to go back a bit in time.

DHA City Lahore Back Ground:

DHA once known for their credibility and still is (as Greed can never end) but in case of DHA City & DHA Valley, DHA management failed completely to safeguard investors interest and left them stray on roads begging for their own money. When DHA city launched (a joint venture between DHA and Globaco (Pvt) Ltd.), it was announced that it will be located somewhere DHA EME sector (a successful project by DHA) but after 8 years ,investors still unaware of its god forsaken location. Approx. 12,000 registered victims of DHA City in records.

From many years now, no serious efforts were put to acquire lands and its development. During the time, multiple news cum rumors were deliberately spread in market to keep investors on their toes.DHA itself many time came out to ensure people regarding future development but it was all a big fraud and no serious efforts done to make DHA city visible on ground.

Current Status of DHA city Lahore:

In Start of 2016, NAB arrested CEO of Globaco CEO Hammad Arshad on the charges of corruption. In November 2009, Hammad Arshad agreed to sign agreement  to develop DHA City on 25,000 kanals of land with DHA. He failed to acquire the land. The company could only purchase 13.103 kanals and that too in scattered episodes. Currently very active NAB is trying settle issue between Globaco and DHA but sad news is that we all are aware of NAB proceedings and their way of investigations which is not only slow but can takes years for something solid to come up. NAB is already in pursue of some big Guns involved in scam including Kamran Kayani and Tariq Siddique and red warrant issued against them. Currently affectees are active Facebook Pages and trying bring owners on one platform. So far un-fruitful protests are conducted on regular basis in front of DHA office and updates are shared on Facebook page.

A realistic advise for DHA city investors:

Already a decade passed for DHA city affectees and they are entered in 2nd one. Currently market is not much hopeful for DHA city project and owners needs to stay on the roller coaster ride for another few years.As no buyers for DHA City files market and even if there are ,  then need file owners should be ready to sell it on very low price  .

DHA city is a risk and no buyers is ready to take it after knowing of DHA city dark history.