Court Hearing Update :

Upon hearing the terms of payment of Rs 485Bn , Court reserved the verdict for Bahria Town Case and it will be announced on 21st March 2019

Bahria Town Issue update :

Bahria town raises its offer to Rs485Bn to be paid in 8 years as full and final settlement for all the three cases pertaining to its projects in Malir, Rawalpindi and Murree. Rs485 billion offer will be distributed as below

  • Rs440bn will go to the 16,896-acre Malir project or Karachi Superhighway Project Land,
  • Rs22bn will be earmarked for 5,472 kanals at Takht Pari Rakh (Rawalpindi)
  • Rs23bn for the 4,542 kanals of Sulkhtar and Manga land (Murree)

Raising their offer to such high level showing Bahria Town management seriousness to resolve this issue once for all without being involve with NAB. Against this offer developer wants ownership of land it possesses.Things are looking promising and rumor is already circulating  in the market that issue will be resolve very soon.