It seems Bahria Town Karachi trouble is not coming to end in near future,in latest hearing SC commented that Bahria Town sold the plots on land which it did not possess.Prism Marketing,one of authorized Bahria Town dealer , furnished a reply in court which showed the sale of plots in certain precincts which never fall in the category of those owned by the developer Malik Riaz or which have been given up by him. Reply furnished by Prism Marketing, Cosmos and Tri-Star, the dealers authorized to sell plots on behalf of the Bahria Town, on court order to present data from day one when the Bahria Town project Karachi was launched regarding total number of plots, number of bookings made and the amounts transacted in that regard.

Land possessed by Bahria Town was officially granted for launching an incremental housing scheme to MDA, which never happened and instead of doing so, the MDA exchanged it with Bahria Town which launched a scheme of its own. Bahria Town hold 16,896 acres of land in Malir and so far it surrendered 7,675 acres to the MDA. According to authorized dealer record these sold plots belong to land which was surrendered to MDA by Bahria Town Karachi.

Court asked Mr Zafar to file the map and other relevant documents by Saturday to clear developers position and with this hearing adjourned till 6th March 2019.

Zimaydar will keep you updated regarding Bahria Issue in near future.