Long gone days when Bahria Town when it is been symbol of great investment . To elaborate my point , let me quote an example, Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 32-A , People who invested 17,25000/ =  5 years back for 125 Square yard plot can sell their plot for market price which oscillate between 8 – 9 Lakh rs.We are talking about the times in which 12-13 % inflation in the air , dollar cost from 85 to 160 rs . One of main reason people invest their money in property is for high gain and countering inflation.Such Bahria Town Karachi Project  investment failed everyone on every ground and people are selling their plots for half of price when their currency is worth almost less from the time they invested in.

Since the historic case against Bahria Town , in which it lost many billions against supreme court verdict , much of land of Karachi project landed into disputed area and absence of map for these precinct. If your plot is landed into one of disputed area of Karachi project then you might share the same fate with other victims

There is news around the corner that Bahria Town is about to launch a massive project in Karachi , obviously good news for city which is fighting its battle against “Famous Kachra”.Going any further , Bahria Town management should take notice of disputed land plot owners and solve their issue.

Please raise your voice if you are victim of Bahria Town Karachi in comment box